Men’s Health Week!

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The theme for Men’s Health Week 2021 is a new start. Encourage the men in your life to make an appointment with their primary care physician for a check up. This visit can help establish a relationship with a provider that will carry you through issues that are sure to pop up throughout the life of the men you care about.

And, if you are a mom to a son, make sure you establish a pattern of yearly visits to a provider who can get to know your son and help him to be a steward of his own health.

According to Armin Brott, an advisor to Men’s Health Network, “Men are half as likely to visit the doctor for a check up as women are, and there are over 7 million American men who have not seen a doctor in over 10 years.”

A Cleveland Clinic study in 2019 found that while 82% of men said they wanted to stay healthy and live a long life for those who love and rely on them, only 50% were actively engaged in preventative care.

These attitudes are partially responsible for women’s life expectancy being approximately 5 years longer than men’s.

Make it a point this week (maybe as your Father’s Day gift) to encourage the men in your life to make an appointment with their health care provider for a check up and a fresh start on prioritizing their health.

The Promise We Make to Our Patients
The Promise We Make to Our Patients

The overarching mission at May-Grant Obstetrics & Gynecology is to help women of all ages live a healthy life. From general gynecological services to helping you through navigating pregnancy and menopause, our team of certified physicians, midwives, and certified registered nurse practitioners pride themselves on being leaders in women’s healthcare throughout Lancaster, PA.

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