Men’s Health Week!


The theme for Men’s Health Week 2021 is a new start. Encourage the men in your life to make an appointment with their primary care physician for a check up. This visit can help establish a relationship with a provider that will carry you through issues that are sure to pop up throughout the life of the men you care about.

And, if you are a mom to a son, make sure you establish a pattern of yearly visits to a provider who can get to know your son and help him to be a steward of his own health.

According to Armin Brott, an advisor to Men’s Health Network, “Men are half as likely to visit the doctor for a check up as women are, and there are over 7 million American men who have not seen a doctor in over 10 years.”

A Cleveland Clinic study in 2019 found that while 82% of men said they wanted to stay healthy and live a long life for those who love and rely on them, only 50% were actively engaged in preventative care.

These attitudes are partially responsible for women’s life expectancy being approximately 5 years longer than men’s.

Make it a point this week (maybe as your Father’s Day gift) to encourage the men in your life to make an appointment with their health care provider for a check up and a fresh start on prioritizing their health.

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