In-Office Procedures

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At May-Grant OB/GYN, we can provide a variety of in-office procedures to help you receive more personalized care at the convenience of our practice.

What are In-Office Procedures?

In-office procedures are minor procedures that can be performed without or under local anesthesia. Depending on the procedure, these procedures can be used to remove the need for outpatient surgical centers and hospitals, minimize your recovery time, and help you return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our in-office procedures are available through our seven locations across Lancaster County, PA, which include the following:

Birth Control Devices: Patients opting into birth control devices for hormonal management, fibroid management, and avoiding pregnancy can quickly receive birth control devices at our practice. Some options we provide for procedures include the following:

  • Nexplanon Device: the Nexplanon implant is a small, rod-shaped device placed under the arm’s skin, releasing hormones that stop your body from releasing eggs and preventing sperm from reaching the egg. This device can help prevent pregnancy for up to 4 years and is an invisible, comfortable option for birth control.
  • IUD Devices: Regular IUDs are a reversible option to prevent pregnancy, acting as a long-term contraceptive that needs to be replaced every three to 10 years. These devices work by triggering an immune system response to create inflammation, causing the uterus to swell and create a toxic environment for sperm.

Pap Smear and Colposcopy: Pap smears help determine the health of your cervical cells to detect problems such as STDs and precancerous cells. If signs of precancerous cells are present, a colposcopy can be performed to examine your vagina and cervix. If signs of abnormal cells are present, we can perform a biopsy or the LEEP procedure listed below:

  • Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP): This procedure removes a portion of the cervix through a thin wire loop and is primarily used for removing precancerous disorders of the cervix. The precancerous cells are then sent to our associated oncology laboratories for observation and analysis.

Endometrial Ablation: Endometrial ablation treats symptoms of heavy menstrual bleeding by removing the endometrium layer that lines the uterus. At May-Grant OB/GYN, we can perform endometrial ablation through

  • Minerva System: Through the Minerva system, a thin wand and a silicone tip containing plasma. The wand heats the uterine tissue, removing the outer top layer of the uterine endometrium. To learn more, please go to their website:
  • Novasure System: Through the Novasure procedure, the Novasure wand sends out radiofrequency waves to heat the uterine lining, stimulating the natural healing process to change the uterus and reduce heavy bleeding.

Vaginal Biopsy: Vaginal biopsies allow our team to take a small sample of your vaginal cells. These biopsies allow our team to diagnose unexplained symptoms such as redness, swelling, bleeding after sex, and abnormal lumps.

Saline Infusion Sonograms: These ultrasound scans allow us to observe areas containing small polyps and uterine thickening by inserting saline solution into the uterus.

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Our patients can receive the necessary treatments through in-office procedures without going to an off-site practice or hospital. If you need a wellness checkup, have health concerns, or require additional screenings, contact our practice today to schedule an online or in-person appointment.

Accepted Insurances

May-Grant Obstetrics & Gynecology participates with the following insurances. Please note that office copays are due at the time of service and any co-insurances are the responsibility of the patient. Please check with your carrier or call our office at 717-397-8177 for an updated menu of insurance options.

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