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Our women’s health experts at May-Grant OB/GYN have provided obstetric care for over 50 years. We have generations of midwives, nurse practitioners, and physicians ready to help mothers gain the most from obstetric care through scheduled prenatal visits, wellness exams, and pregnancy planning.

What is Obstetrics?

Obstetrics specializes in providing care for women during pregnancy and childbirth. Obstetric visits are essential for women during the first trimester of their pregnancy as they can ensure that you and your baby have the healthiest start possible.

Pregnant women should schedule their first prenatal visit at eight weeks of gestation or two weeks after their first phone call. By contacting us, we can determine how frequently you need to come for prenatal care, depending on your weeks of gestation and your baby’s health. During your prenatal examination, our specialists will perform the following:

  • Medical Questionaire: During the medical questionnaire, our specialists can discuss your concerns about your medical history, family history, and lifestyle habits.
  • Physical & Pelvic Exam: Our team will provide you with a complete physical exam, including a pelvic exam, to diagnose and discuss any pre-existing conditions.
  • Pap Smears: We will perform a pap smear test during your pelvic exam to screen for cervical cancer, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.
  • Blood and Urine Tests: While the urine tests help confirm pregnancy or infection, blood tests will also be performed to determine blood count, blood type, and Rh factor and help screen for HIV, rubella, hepatitis B, and syphilis.

Here’s what a typical prenatal schedule might look like at our practice:

  • Weeks 4 to 28: Once a month
  • Weeks 28 to 36: Every other week
  • Week 36 until birth: Every week

Why Choose Us For Obstetric Care?

For families who come to May-Grant OB/GYN, we can provide maternity and newborn care by providing soon-to-be mothers with exceptional service and commitment to their health. New mothers can benefit from our leading specialists throughout the Lancaster areas as we provide the following:

  • Leading Team of Women’s Health Specialists: Our team holds an excellent staff of midwives, registered nurse practitioners, and physicians to handle your pregnancy care. We offer seven locations across Lancaster, PA, to deliver exceptional service to every mother and child in the area.
  •  Expert Childbirth Care: Through our team, we have the expertise to manage routine pregnancies and childbirth, as well as complex, high-risk situations. We can provide long-term plans for you and your baby for life by being the only independent practice throughout Lancaster County to earn more than 50 years of service to our communities.
  • Supportive Maternity and Childbirth Options: By working with you, you can choose who to guide your family through pregnancy and childbirth. Our office provides extended hours early morning, evening, and Saturday hours for urgent scenarios, wellness checkups, and other situations that require our care.
  • In-House Diagnostics and Treatments: For peace of mind, our team can provide in-house services, including ultrasounds, laboratory tests, and mammographies, to help patients save time and money with their treatment.
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As one of the most trusted OB/GYNs in Lancaster County, we provide high-quality women’s health care, providing complete services for women regardless of socioeconomic status. If you need a wellness checkup, have health concerns, or seek treatment for your pregnancy, contact our practice today to schedule an online or in-person appointment. 

Accepted Insurances

May-Grant Obstetrics & Gynecology participates with the following insurances. Please note that office copays are due at the time of service and any co-insurances are the responsibility of the patient. Please check with your carrier or call our office at 717-397-8177 for an updated menu of insurance options.

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Each patient is unique, and so is each appointment type!

Online scheduling is currently for ESTABLISHED May-Grant patients only. If you are a new patient (GYN or OB), please call the office at 717-397-8177 to schedule your appointment to ensure that your provider has enough time to address your needs.

If you schedule an appointment online as a new patient, your appointment will be canceled and you will not be able to be seen. A “New patient” includes those who have not been seen in our offices in the past three years.