Adolescent Gynecology

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Our women’s health experts at May-Grant OB/GYN have provided gynecological care for over 50 years. We have generations of midwives, nurse practitioners, and physicians ready to help teenagers and young women receive the health care they need most, including wellness exams and treatments for fibroids, ovarian cysts, and more.

What is Adolescent Gynecology?

Adolescent gynecology specializes in providing medicine and treatment for teenage girls and young women, helping them learn about their bodies and take control of their health. As a specialty, adolescent gynecology includes wellness checkups and pap smears and provides care for sexual health concerns such as STDs, painful periods, and unwanted pregnancies.

Young women should have their first visit with an OB/GYN between the ages of 13 to 15. First exams can be terrifying at first, but our team can help do everything we can to ensure that young teenagers feel comfortable in our office and create safe spaces to take about their health. During the first examinations, our specialists will perform the following:

  • Medical Questionnaire: During the medical questionnaire, our specialists can discuss your concerns about your medical history, including period problems, birth control, sexual activity, and possible painful symptoms.
  • Breast Exam: Breast cancer is considered rare for teenagers but is still an essential part of the visit for detecting lumps, cysts, or other breast problems.
  • Pelvic Exam: Our specialists can observe the ovaries, uterus, and cervix to screen for health problems using a speculum device.
  • Pap Smear: Pap smears are performed during the pelvic exam to check for changes in the cervical wall, STDs, and other diseases.

Why Choose Us For Adolescent Gynecology Services?

As young women grow and learn about their bodies, our May-Grant OB/GYN team can help aid their growth by providing a comfortable, welcoming environment to care for their health. Young women who come to us for gynecology care can benefit from our leading specialists, commitment to our communities, and extensive reach of services throughout the Lancaster areas. At May-Grant OB/GYN, we provide the following:

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  • Seven Locations: We provide seven locations across the Lancaster through cities such as Lancaster, Elizabethtown, Columbia, Ephrata, Intercourse, Willow Street, Lititz.
  • In-House Treatments: Our in-house treatments, including ablation mammographies and obstetric care, make us a valuable resource for women everywhere seeking women’s healthcare.
  • In-House Laboratories: Our team can effectively diagnose and treat women’s health conditions through our in-house equipment, including ultrasound, laboratory tests, and mammography equipment to perform diagnostic procedures.
  • Leading Team of Women’s Health Specialists: Our team of midwives, certified nurse practitioners, and physicians is here to help you gain the most out of your healthcare. As a team that’s been around for over 50 years, we have been voted as the number one practice in the area for years and dedicate ourselves to providing the best women’s healthcare possible.

As the only independent OB/GYN in Lancaster County, we provide high-quality women’s health care, providing complete services for women regardless of socioeconomic status. If you need a wellness checkup, have health concerns, or seek treatment, contact our practice today to schedule an online or in-person appointment

Accepted Insurances

May-Grant Obstetrics & Gynecology participates with the following insurances. Please note that office copays are due at the time of service and any co-insurances are the responsibility of the patient. Please check with your carrier or call our office at 717-397-8177 for an updated menu of insurance options.

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