October is Health Literacy Month

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It is #HealthLiteracyMonth May-Grant believes that we are partners in your best health and that the more you know and understand, the better decisions we can make together. We have A LOT of health information on our website for patients to access.

Take a look:

Please be sure to visit our website at www.maygrant.com to see our patient education pages

You will find information on pregnancy including:

preconception, early pregnancy, later pregnancy, and postpartum at https://www.maygrant.com/cont…/services/obstetrics/oh-baby

You will find information on adolescent and young adult women’s health including:

reproductive development, contraception, nutrition, and general wellness here: https://www.maygrant.com/…/gyneco…/young-and-on-your-way

You will find information on general women’s health including:

contraception and conception, general wellness and gynecoloical issues here: https://www.maygrant.com/…/gynecology/in-full-stride

You will find information on aging gracefully including:

menopause and associated issues here: https://www.maygrant.com/…/gynecology/aging-gracefully

The Promise We Make to Our Patients
The Promise We Make to Our Patients

The overarching mission at May-Grant Obstetrics & Gynecology is to help women of all ages live a healthy life. From general gynecological services to helping you through navigating pregnancy and menopause, our team of certified physicians, midwives, and certified registered nurse practitioners pride themselves on being leaders in women’s healthcare throughout Lancaster, PA.

Patients Love May-Grant!
"Having been a patient of May-Grant for over 2 years, I can proudly say that all of their providers are top-notch. They really listen and always asks the right questions. The registered nurses and midwives are so personable as well. I couldn't ask to be working alongside a better team..."
February, 2023
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