Midwife or doctor with newborn

Midwifery Services

Pregnancy is a very personal experience for women. If you wish for a more natural birth, you may choose midwifery services to assist you with

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Gynecology, consultation of gynecologist.


Pelvic floor disorders can vary in cause, and for women experiencing these issues, our urogynecology team can treat your conditions through comprehensive medical care. At

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Sexual problems, relationship crisis

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual health is vital for women, and women experiencing sexual dysfunction can cause reoccurring problems with sexual response, orgasms, and romantic relationships. At May-Grant OB/GYN,

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Doctor traumatologist demonstrating bones of pelvis to students in clinic


As many women today live with pelvic prolapse, our team of women’s health experts can provide treatment for your painful, uncomfortable symptoms through comprehensive medical

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injured woman suffering from pelvis pain

Pelvic Pain

As a chronic condition, pelvic pain can stem from many causes and can be considered challenging to treat. However, our May-Grant OB/GYN team can diagnose

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Creative paper concept of ovarian cyst

Ovarian Cysts

As common growths, ovarian cysts can develop along or inside the ovaries. At May-Grant OB/GYN, our team of midwives, nurse practitioners, and physicians can help

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Creative paper concept of ovarian cyst


Our women’s health experts at May-Grant OB/GYN have provided obstetric care for over 50 years. We have generations of midwives, nurse practitioners, and physicians ready

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Decorative model uterus made from paper


As a natural transition in a woman’s life, menopause can cause challenging symptoms and significantly disrupt your life. Our health experts at May-Grany OBGYN can

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Gynecologist doctor wearing protection face mask does ultrasound

In-Office Ultrasonography

Getting an ultrasound is easier than ever at May-Grant OB/GYN. Through our in-office Ultrasonography, we can provide diagnostic services to help track pregnancies and other

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Each patient is unique, and so is each appointment type!

Online scheduling is currently for ESTABLISHED May-Grant patients only. If you are a new patient (GYN or OB), please call the office at 717-397-8177 to schedule your appointment to ensure that your provider has enough time to address your needs.

If you schedule an appointment online as a new patient, your appointment will be canceled and you will not be able to be seen. A “New patient” includes those who have not been seen in our offices in the past three years.