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In-Office Procedures

At May-Grant OB/GYN, we can provide a variety of in-office procedures to help you receive more personalized care at the convenience of our practice. What

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In-House Lab Services

Our May-Grant OB/GYN team can provide exceptional women’s healthcare through our in-house lab services. Through our lab services, patients can experience the convenience of quicker

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Overcoming infertility can be challenging, but you can find safe and effective ways to improve your chances of getting pregnant through treatment. At May-Grant OB/GYN,

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diagnosis and detecting diseases of female genital organs

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

For women living with irregular, heavy menstrual cycles, it can drastically impact their quality of life through intense pain, cramping, and heavy blood loss. However,

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Women face exclusive challenges when it comes to their health. As gynecologists, our careers involve caring for your reproductive health through compassionate service. At May-Grant

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Gynecologist explains to a woman about a disease of the uterus


Fibroids are most often found during a routine pelvic exam, and while most don’t present any symptoms, painful fibroids can interfere with your menstrual cycle

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Endometriosis can cause challenges for women, as it is a relatively common, painful condition that causes severe pain and problems with fertility. At May-Grant OB/GYN,

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No matter what you’re facing, our team is here for you. At May-Grant OB/GYN, we can provide colposcopies to help diagnose early signs of cervical

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Doctor adjusts Mammogram Machine for a Female Patient.

Cancer Screening

Our women’s healthcare specialists work to provide patient-centered care throughout our eight locations for your family. Through the latest cancer screening options, we work towards

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Birth Control

Besides abstinence, birth control represents one of the best ways to prevent pregnancy and the spread of STDs. As a method that protects women’s sexual

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Each patient is unique, and so is each appointment type!

Online scheduling is currently for ESTABLISHED May-Grant patients only. If you are a new patient (GYN or OB), please call the office at 717-397-8177 to schedule your appointment to ensure that your provider has enough time to address your needs.

If you schedule an appointment online as a new patient, your appointment will be canceled and you will not be able to be seen. A “New patient” includes those who have not been seen in our offices in the past three years.